OSI Group Works to Provide Safe Quality Food Domestically and Abroad

Published / by rattlin

OSI Group provides meat products to supermarkets and restaurants in the United States and worldwide. It operates in 17 countries and continues to seek new markets. OSI is based in Aurora, Illinois. The company is lead by CEO Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald is its president.A part of OSI Group’s business is expanding its meat based products worldwide. It recently purchased controlling shares in the Dutch company Baho Food. It operates in the Netherlands and Germany, along with 5 subsidiary companies. Gelderland Frishchwaren, Vital Convenience, Henri Van De Bilt, Bakx Foods and Q Smart Life are the subsidiary companies. Baho Food, at the time OSI Group purchased it, provided food for 18 countries in Europe.

OSI business goal is to increase Baho’s production and sales.In 2016, OSI Group purchased Flagship Europe from Flagship Food Group. Flagship provides frozen poultry, sous vide products, pies mayonnaise, dressings and sauces in the United Kingdom restaurant market. Flagship broadened it’s reach in the UK by purchasing Calder Foods. Calder Foods provides the UK market with sandwich fillings, marinades, sauces and dips.OSI global food market also includes Spain. OSI Food Solutions Spain operates in Toledo, Spain. In 2017, it improved its product line. Now, it produces 24,000 tons of chicken products annually.

In all, the food company produces 45,000 tons of beef, chicken and pork. The building was, also, expanded to include a space for a kitchen. The kitchen will be used for variety of product development and to better meet the needs of consumers.Within the United States, OSI Group purchased a food plant owned by Tyson Food. It is located on the south side of Chicago. With this domestic purchase, OSI was able to expand within the U.S and help prevent job loss for Tyson employees. Tyson employees were given the best business opportunity to remain in the same job positions they had previously.David McDonald, the president of OSI Group accredits the companies longevity to its ability to interact with the local community. This helps OSI know and understand each local markets needs and wants.