End Citizens United Is Fighting To Make Reforms

Published / by rattlin

In 2015, End Citizens United was created after a certain ruling was made by Supreme Court. The court decided that corporations are people. Therefore, they are allowed to donate unlimited funds to the elections. While they make these donations, they are not obliged to be transparent. This liberty opened up a loophole. Large donors could have influence over the elections. Citizens United promotes a situation that only gives wealthy people a platform to make national decisions. A few wealthy people are making leadership decision for the entire nation.

One feature of democracy is having free and fair elections. A few wealthy people influencing the elections breach this provision. That is why End Citizens United was formed. Its mission is to campaign for election finance reforms. Political candidates should not be receiving large sums of money with ulterior agendas behind them. Election is an opportunity for the nation to choose their leaders. Therefore, a few wealthy people should not have the right to influence the elections.

Tiffany Muller, the executive director, led the movement to compile ‘Big Money 20’. These are people in congress that seeking re-elections and are accepting large sums of money. The movement wanted to expose and know the politicians who do not support their campaign. The twenty people are a target and the movement will not support their re-election during mid-term re-elections.

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Beto O’Rourke is the candidate the movement has endorsed. He is the present congress man from El Paso. Beto could have also received an endorsement from AFL-CIO but he did not attend their convention. Beto has declined received large amounts from corporate. Due to his common interest with the movement, End Citizen United perceived him as a suitable candidate.

End Citizen United is targeting to raise $35 million. The group does not accept amount higher than $5000 from one donor. The group is relying on its three million members to raise the targeted amount. This is an indication that people want to change the system. End United Citizens is comprised of people from grass root level. Ordinary citizens are the majority and they are also the voters. If they are mobilized, the changes and reforms needed can be achieved.

Ending or reducing money from special interest groups in politics is important. It is not just for elections purpose but also controlling terrorism and job creation. Money should stop advancing vices that will compromise the security of the nation. The End Citizens United movement is determined to end these disparities and restore fairness in our election systems. The road to achieve these objectives will not be easy but the fight is a good cause. Voters need to be independent and live in a nation where integrity and justice are the prevailing values.