Color me fabulous, with The RealReal

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The RealReal is known for their Beautiful secondhand authentic luxury brands. There are Many establishments that sell fake luxury items, but one can rest assured that you are getting true authenticity with The RealReal. They take great pride in their authentication process and is known to be a very thorough one. They possess binders filled with specifications on thousands of luxury brands which staff members refer to when examining the authenticity of each item. They have also implemented an internal system known as the “Find the Fake” which encourages authenticators to identify counterfeit items with incentives to gain if they do so.

Their success is not only based on their strict no-phony approach, but to also their overall service. They take good care in the way they handle their inventory, from picking up the merchandise from the seller to storing them in their warehouses until it is sold. Businesses like The RealReal are changing the way people shop for luxury items. They’re more likely to purchase them if they know it can be resold in the future and possibly increase in value. Some are now looking to this process as an investment trend as some brands hold a higher resale value. Items can be bought or sold in-store, on their site, or through their app.

They have also gained a substantial following through their Instagram page, where pictures of their many brands are on display. With items such as their gorgeous brown Chloe bag with its unique shape and Balenciaga earrings with the safety pin style, its truly hard to look away once you journey down their Instagram page. Extravagant and stunning jewelry like their Cartier bracelets grab a whole of your soul and put you in a yearning trance. They have truly found the way to a woman’s heart.

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