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Fabletics Flourishing with their Marketing Strategy

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As technology advances so are other industries in the market. A good example is an influence that has been spotted in the purchase of goods and services. People have come to acknowledge that the reviews given by direct recommendations by people they trust are almost similar to the reviews they will find online about the products.



Relying on the advice of others has become the main source of information about a product or service that one may want to purchase. The reviews of a brand are directly proportional to the way that brand performs in the market. Companies that want to stay in the market long enough have embraced the power that the crowd has on their product. Fabletics is one of these companies.



Fabletics has used customer reviews as one of their main marketing strategies. It began in 2013 and in less than 5 years it has shown an exponential growth in their revenue. They have over a million members and have shown a revenue of more than 235 million dollars which is over 200 percent growth. Its success has been attributed to the customer reviews they receive. The reviews of the customers have grown their customer loyalty and retained their clients.



With the advancement in technology, looking up a product online has become like an impulse thing to do before a purchase is made. The decision of purchasing this product will be determined by the reviews one will find. Consumers have now embraced safety in consumption as they not only depend on traditional methods of advertising and marketing to make a decision. More than 50% of the people would not buy a product if it has negative reviews.



Good reviews impact the growth of a business in substantial ways. Continuous positive reviews will boost the ranking of a business in search engines which in return would attract more customers and higher sales in return. Fabletics runs its business based on customer reviews and feedback. They have learned that listening to the needs of the customers play a big role in ensuring that products are moving.



Kate Hudson and her team analyze the reviews and improve their products accordingly and this is what has made them flourish in the market. Kate Hudson who plays a great role as the face of the company has streamlined the communications department to make sure that their clients are well satisfied when they ask for assistance. Additionally, Kate plays a vital part in the marketing of the brand. She interacts with the clients face-to-face as well as making sure that their online platform is resourceful to their clients. Her lifestyle is an emulation of what Fabletics offers and stands for.



Kate Hudson, an actor with no experience in running a business, joined the company with a passion to drive it forwards. She has taken up the task of been involved intensely in the business to make sure it is succeeding. The lifestyle quiz that the clients take to get recommendations on activewear that is best suited for their needs is part of Kate’s effort in building a successful brand.

Fabletics Competes Successfully With Amazon and Other Retailers

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Fabletics in an online company that has some retail stores for customers that still like to shop in a real store. They sell leisurewear and active wear for women. It was co-founded by actress Kate Hudson with the goal of offering women great products at a reasonable price. They offer a subscription service to sell products to their customers.


Their unique marketing strategy is paying off as they have opened more physical stores in the last few years. They have added more physical stores in addition the sixteen that have opened in Hawaii, Illinois, Florida, and California. Their membership offers great fashion at half the price of the competitors.


They know their customers from their extensive market research. With their physical store they allow reverse show rooming. This is a technique where people browse their products offline. This technique sometimes leads to customers buying products elsewhere. The company has turned browsing into a positive customer experience. Avoiding the pop up store has helped them know their customers and build solid relationship.


About 30 to 50% of customers that walk into a store are already customers online. Many become members after they visit a store. When they try on a piece of clothing it goes into their online shopping cart. Fabletics doesn’t care if customers buy online or in the store. When the data they collect about customers they learn the items that customers like and don’t . The store will only stock the products that customers buy.


Physical stores are stocked with customer preferences, store heat mapping data and real time sales activity. They try to combine global fashion trends with user shopping trends. Their growth factor is because they have great leisurewear at reasonable prices. The company is in 10 countries. Fabletics puts the customer experience at center of their marketing strategies.


Kate Hudson of Fabletics say her success is based on identifying market opportunities. They design active wear for all shapes and sizes that women come in. They even created designs for larger women that wear plus sizes. As America struggled with health Kate Hudson wanted to create comfortable and enjoyable active wear.


Kate looks at sales number every week and know what’s selling. When products don’t sell she removes them. She makes videos and is involved in marketing. She uses big data, believes in herself and takes risks to keep the company successful.