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Rocketship Education: Setting a Good Example for the Future

Published / by rattlin

According to a recent piece published on, there’s a lot of controversy surrounding Rocketship Education and a recent piece published by NPR. One of the major problems that seem to have come about is the repeated use of the term “company”. It seems that throughout much of her work the NPR writer viewed Rocketship Education as a company instead of the educational institution that it is. The term “company” has negative connotations when it is linked with the word “education”. Anyone who is familiar with Rocketship Education knows that it is a nonprofit institution that seeks to better the children under its charge. While critics continue to try and maintain a tie from the nonprofit entity to for-profit companies the supporters of Rocketship Education want to point out that other schools within these districts are never linked to such motives. It is possible that the Rocketship management staff are looking for ways to legitimately help society through quality education.

The piece is also hypercritical about the way that children’s days are divided up. It seems that the regimented daily schedule is another point where they feel as though they can attack Rocketship Education. It is no secret that to attain certain education goals children need to have some type of regimen. Children are allowed to learn in a way that is relevant to them but they are also taught the importance of a routine. The daily routine is very important to getting the children in a certain mindset as they start their school day. Parents and students have both expressed satisfaction with this type of model. It is also worth noting that this model does not differ significantly from the model that is used currently in the public-school sector. The only difference is that there are smaller class sizes and the education material is presented in different ways. The actual structure of the school and the regimented behavior is quite similar. Regardless, the work that is being done by the individuals at Rocketship Education continues to touch the lives of countless children all over the country. Their work will continue to set good examples for future educational institutions.

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