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Sightsavers- Advocates For Disabled Populations

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Blindness is likely one of the toughest things a person will ever have to deal with. The late, great Ray Charles overcame so much, and entertained millions with his talent, as has Andrea Boccelli and Stevie Wonder. Not everyone is blessed with such talent, however, but there are charities, like Sightsavers in the United Kingdom, that are working hard to raise funds to try to stem avoidable cases of blindness.


In addition to the good work Sightsavers is doing there, they are also fighting on behalf of those that are disabled worldwide. There are numerous challenges that those who are disabled face, and over 80% of the disabled populations can be found in impoverished nations where mere survival is a priority. There was a Global Disability Summit held in London recently to try to address some of the challenges this population faces.


Every step in the direction of making “disabled” persons a member of the mainstream population is a step in the path to stronger, more inclusive societies. Many disabled people have qualities and abilities that go unnoticed, leaving them in the throes of a somewhat unfulfilling life. At the Summit, there were a few prevailing themes, which included fiscal empowerment, education for all and that dignity and respect for all disabled persons be a central goal.


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A person may not be able to do every facet of a job or be very productive in many ways, but most can do some work, of some sort. This galvanizes people and it makes them feel like they are productive members of society. The members of this population will likely continue to need governmental support, but they can also be doing a lot more than they currently are. This would be a part of the inclusiveness that needs to be more of the hallmark of living in this society.


Sightsavers have collectively, as an organization, been at the forefront of advocating for inclusiveness and rights for those with disabilities. What they are fighting for is what is called “global inclusivity,” which would mean acceptance to millions. The picture of every team of employees, for every organization, should have an eclectic mix of people, truly representative of all of society. The fight wages on.