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The Prominent Jacob Gottlieb

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In the 1960s The Gottlieb’s family moved from Poland to the united states in New York where Dr. Jacob Gottlieb was born along with his younger brothers. The father of Jacob was a professor with a Ph.D. in economics as his mother was a Pediatrician. Growing up in a family with parents who are well educated and exposed to education made him develop an interest both in their professions.


Jacob studied graduated in Brown University with a bachelor of Arts in Economics and also graduated in New York Medical School with a medical degree. After attaining his degrees, he got an internship at St. Vincent Medical center, but inside him, his heart yearned to explore on the stock market field which led him to quit his job in the medical center to become a financial pundit.


Jacob had always desired to join the stock market at a tender age. He once won a contest in school in which he needed predict the correct stocks and selected winning stocks which made his father become very pleased with his potential in the stock field and opened a stock investment account. Jacob then got skills of being an entrepreneur while he was in school when he made a beverage stand at the golf course.


Jacob always had a unique way of coming up with ideas, and since he had an eye to in the medical field too, he used his expertise in economics to merge his skills in the stock market with the medical world. He said that doctors too like businessmen also need to come up with brilliant planning skills and find solutions to problems. Jacob believed that both in the stock and medicine world risks had to be taken and analyzed well enough. Jacob has been able to get an award in 2001, as a financial analyst from the Association for Investment Management and Research. Jacob has ever worked as a managing partner and Chief Investment officer at vision Asset Management. He also was an investment portfolio manager at Merlin Financial in London before working at Balyasny Asset Management. He had also involved himself as a buy-side analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein.


Jacob has also participated in several charity events like Robin Hood investment in New York City which is an organization that tries fight the poverty among people. It provides 200 of the best nonprofits with commercial real estate and management support in which 100% of the donation it gets goes directly to its community partners.

End Citizens United Is Fighting To Make Reforms

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In 2015, End Citizens United was created after a certain ruling was made by Supreme Court. The court decided that corporations are people. Therefore, they are allowed to donate unlimited funds to the elections. While they make these donations, they are not obliged to be transparent. This liberty opened up a loophole. Large donors could have influence over the elections. Citizens United promotes a situation that only gives wealthy people a platform to make national decisions. A few wealthy people are making leadership decision for the entire nation.

One feature of democracy is having free and fair elections. A few wealthy people influencing the elections breach this provision. That is why End Citizens United was formed. Its mission is to campaign for election finance reforms. Political candidates should not be receiving large sums of money with ulterior agendas behind them. Election is an opportunity for the nation to choose their leaders. Therefore, a few wealthy people should not have the right to influence the elections.

Tiffany Muller, the executive director, led the movement to compile ‘Big Money 20’. These are people in congress that seeking re-elections and are accepting large sums of money. The movement wanted to expose and know the politicians who do not support their campaign. The twenty people are a target and the movement will not support their re-election during mid-term re-elections.


Beto O’Rourke is the candidate the movement has endorsed. He is the present congress man from El Paso. Beto could have also received an endorsement from AFL-CIO but he did not attend their convention. Beto has declined received large amounts from corporate. Due to his common interest with the movement, End Citizen United perceived him as a suitable candidate.

End Citizen United is targeting to raise $35 million. The group does not accept amount higher than $5000 from one donor. The group is relying on its three million members to raise the targeted amount. This is an indication that people want to change the system. End United Citizens is comprised of people from grass root level. Ordinary citizens are the majority and they are also the voters. If they are mobilized, the changes and reforms needed can be achieved.

Ending or reducing money from special interest groups in politics is important. It is not just for elections purpose but also controlling terrorism and job creation. Money should stop advancing vices that will compromise the security of the nation. The End Citizens United movement is determined to end these disparities and restore fairness in our election systems. The road to achieve these objectives will not be easy but the fight is a good cause. Voters need to be independent and live in a nation where integrity and justice are the prevailing values.

Securus Technologies “Secures” Another Fish

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Securus Technologies has acquired over 20 subsidiaries in the past decade, so the move they announced in early January should not come as a surprise. The company announced that they have acquired payment processor, GovPayNet, and the terms of the deal were undisclosed. The move creates momentum in the payment processing sector for Securus, who is estimated to now have the capability to process over 40 million payments on an annual basis. The move coincides with the company’s 2015 deal made to buy JPay. Mark MacKenzie is the CEO of GovPayNet and he looks forward to combining forces with JPay to provide a better quality product for their over 2,300 customers. The company was formed in 1997 and has over 20 years of experience working with a number of local governments in 35 states.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas and is considered to be the leading provider of inmate technology-base products in North America. They wholly-own over 20 subsidiaries that provide thousands of products to over 3,500 correctional facilities and local law enforcement agencies in the United States and Mexico. They provide biometric analysis, cellular phone blocking technology, inmate self-services, parolee tracking, and more. Founded in 1986, the company has over 1,300 employees in four locations in Texas and Georgia.


Bruno Fagali And Fagali Advocacy

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Bruno Fagali, of the FAGALI advocacy, worked for New/sb, a company belonging to Bob Vieira. While working for Bob, he was mandated with ensuring all practices of the company are above board.

New/sb in the hands of Bruno created a code of conduct which was to be followed by employees to avoid corruption problems. At the same time, New/sb came up with an employee ethics committee to oversee all ethics matters regarding its employees. CGU and New/sb come together to fight corruption. The company presented its code of conduct to CGU thereby becoming the first company to make such a bold move. CGU which is Brazil’s organ of transparency excited to report New/sb’s commitment to anti corruption.

FAGALI Advocacy

Fagali advocacy looks to use the knowledge of its team to deliver client satisfaction at all times. The company specializes in Compliance, advertising and electoral law. It also engages in anti-corruption law, public law and parliamentary law as well. With FAGALI Advocacy, clients are guaranteed committed and personalized service. The company is all about offering the best legal service to clients and making them feel appreciated and their problems well and truly sorted out. The company therefore offers differentiated legal services to clients who feel they are different and require to be thus treated.

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About Corporate Integrity

The management of the corporate integrity program has been entrusted to Bruno Fagali. His zero tolerance on corruption and unethical manners resulted to his appointment in this capacity. There are training groups put in place to facilitate the activities of the program. Some of these groups are established in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janiero.


The FAGALI advocacy was started by Bruno and other associates. Bruno has a master’s degree in law. He went to USP where he graduated. His area of specialization is electoral law. He is also an authority in administrative and compliance and public law. Brunos’s first degree was acquired from PUC. His standing in Brazil also promotes him to coordinate ethics matters in advertising courtesy of the Brazil Institute of Business Law and Ethics.

Bruno Fagali is an attorney from Brazil. He Studied ‘Bachelor of Law’ degree at the University of São Paulo. He proudly possesses a ‘Masters in Law’ degree from São Paulo. He specialized in Administrative Law. Fagali founded his own firm, named “Fagali Advocacia.” In addition to owning his own firm, he also fulfills the position of ‘corporate integrity manager’ for Nova/SB. Bruno Fagali is able to speak four languages.

Fabletics Flourishing with their Marketing Strategy

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As technology advances so are other industries in the market. A good example is an influence that has been spotted in the purchase of goods and services. People have come to acknowledge that the reviews given by direct recommendations by people they trust are almost similar to the reviews they will find online about the products.



Relying on the advice of others has become the main source of information about a product or service that one may want to purchase. The reviews of a brand are directly proportional to the way that brand performs in the market. Companies that want to stay in the market long enough have embraced the power that the crowd has on their product. Fabletics is one of these companies.



Fabletics has used customer reviews as one of their main marketing strategies. It began in 2013 and in less than 5 years it has shown an exponential growth in their revenue. They have over a million members and have shown a revenue of more than 235 million dollars which is over 200 percent growth. Its success has been attributed to the customer reviews they receive. The reviews of the customers have grown their customer loyalty and retained their clients.



With the advancement in technology, looking up a product online has become like an impulse thing to do before a purchase is made. The decision of purchasing this product will be determined by the reviews one will find. Consumers have now embraced safety in consumption as they not only depend on traditional methods of advertising and marketing to make a decision. More than 50% of the people would not buy a product if it has negative reviews.



Good reviews impact the growth of a business in substantial ways. Continuous positive reviews will boost the ranking of a business in search engines which in return would attract more customers and higher sales in return. Fabletics runs its business based on customer reviews and feedback. They have learned that listening to the needs of the customers play a big role in ensuring that products are moving.



Kate Hudson and her team analyze the reviews and improve their products accordingly and this is what has made them flourish in the market. Kate Hudson who plays a great role as the face of the company has streamlined the communications department to make sure that their clients are well satisfied when they ask for assistance. Additionally, Kate plays a vital part in the marketing of the brand. She interacts with the clients face-to-face as well as making sure that their online platform is resourceful to their clients. Her lifestyle is an emulation of what Fabletics offers and stands for.



Kate Hudson, an actor with no experience in running a business, joined the company with a passion to drive it forwards. She has taken up the task of been involved intensely in the business to make sure it is succeeding. The lifestyle quiz that the clients take to get recommendations on activewear that is best suited for their needs is part of Kate’s effort in building a successful brand.

The Focus On Healthcare By Dr. David Samadi’s Show

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The American healthcare system is increasingly becoming complicated every passing year a new policy is introduced or removed. Many individuals are finding the system harder to understand, and the latest healthcare advancements tend to leave patients overwhelmed. Comprehending and getting to distinguish facts from hearsay within the healthcare system makes it necessary for all these pieces of information be put into context in a simple way every American citizen can understand.

Knowing this, Dr. David Samadi is coming up with a new show that will be televised. The show’s name is Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi, the show’s primary focus is informing the American public of all the latest news, medical advancements and even breaking down of the various healthcare policies so that the ordinary citizen can be reported.

Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi debuted this September, and like many favorite new TV shows, the program is available for online streaming. The show’s audience can leverage their social media platforms to get details of new episodes or visit Dr. Samadi’s website to watch a recap of the show in case they missed the initial airing. The purpose of making the show readily available to audiences online is to enable everyone including the millennials who are heavy internet users with access to quality healthcare information.

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The topics and areas of focus the show cover primarily reflects on the latest healthcare concerns and trends. During some episodes, Dr, Samadi as a celebrity doctor, he tackles the importance of advancing healthcare technology and provision of care, and on some events, he discusses the procedural aspect of the American healthcare system. When looking at the range of topics covered by the show, it is evident that they have been personalized to meet the needs of the average viewers. Most of these viewers often have countless of questions they need to be addressed, other than that these viewers need to be informed of the current trends in the healthcare system and how these trends together with healthcare changes will affect them at a personal level.

Other than the insights provided by Dr. David Samadi, the show invites guests who can additionally offer different perspectives on the current issues being addressed. To fully enrich the experience of the show’s audience, Dr. Samadi has been inviting experts in the medical and wellness communities. Before a guest is hosted in the show, his/her credentials are thoroughly vetted to ensure that they match the needed qualifications to engage the American public.

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Doe Deere – article recap

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Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics and a very unique individual that likes to share her passion for vivid and wild colors with others through her popular makeup line. Doe Deere also has a few thoughts on the way to achieve your dreams. The Unicorn Queen firmly believes that anyone can make their dreams come true. She shared her personal secrets to success during a very candid interview. The successful founder of Lime Crime has a definitely unique spin on achieving success. Learn more:

Doe Deere The Early Years

The Unicorn Queen is actually a Russian transplant that arrived in the United States at the age of 17. During those very formative years, Deere lived in New York City. Certainly, the city was a great inspiration to her and drove her to achieve her dream to start a musical career. Today, Deere still remembers those early band years with great fondness because those years actually established the foundation for her current success. During those years she learned an enormous amount concerning promotion and the business side of the musical industry. It’s also a fact that Deere met her current husband in the band too, during those early years.

On Achieving Success

Doe Deere is not one to mince words about achieving success. Achieving success is about achieving your dream. Deere believes that everyone should follow their heart. Every person on the planet has a special or unique gift that they should share with the world. For example, some might have a musical gift, artistic gift, or an athletic gift. It’s up to the individual to discover that marvelous gift that they would like to share with the world. Therefore, it’s important to really get to know yourself. This might be through some form of self discovery or just being in-tune with your unique gift. Doe Deere believes her unique gift was an eye for sensational colors that helped one express their creativity.

Lime Crime

Doe Deere was surprised to learn that there were thousands of girls across the Internet that shared her unique passion for brilliant and imaginative makeup colors. Lime Crime was started out of that wonderful passion. Lime Crime was profitable and a success because the company found a formula that worked. Doe Deere achieved her dream by following her heart and her passion. She firmly believes that success is waiting for everyone that follows their own true passion. Learn more:

CEO Troy McQuagge Award Winner Committed to Providing Innovative Health Care

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The One Planet Awards has been presented to USHEALTH Group CEO Troy McQuagge being named the Gold Winner. This prestigious award is a global award that is known for honoring businesses and their professionalism. This is an organization that businesses worldwide can submit nominations whether they are public or private and if they are a for-profit company or a non-profit business.

The One Planet Awards recognizes businesses for professionalism whether they are a large company or small and even new start-up businesses. In order to present these awards, they focus on certain categories. These categories include new productions, services, corporate communications, PR marketing, the company executives, and teams. They reward companies that with within their standards in each of these categories.

According to Glassdoor, Mr. McQuagge who was named for the One Planet Awards put out a statement saying it was an honor to be named. He said the award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group from this esteemed industry and peer recognition of the award.

Mr. McQuagge went on to say that it is a verification of the company’s commitment to customers in their resolve of the affordable health care problem. The company is doing this by providing customers with innovative coverage that can grow with the customer’s needs.

Troy McQuagge the recipient of the One Planet Gold Winner award joined USHEALTH in 2010 and focused on rebuilding the company. He was successful in his efforts by giving advisors tools. Mr. McQuagge was named CEO of USHEALTH Group in 2014. Since joining the company it has seen growth and profit in the highly competitive health insurance market.

Mr. McQuagge attended the University of Central Florida graduating in 1983 with a B.A degree. After graduating he went to work for Allstate Insurance Company and then joined the United Insurance Companies. In 1997 he was named the president of United Insurance Companies Agency.

The company was purchased by investors in 2006 and renamed Health Market Groups with Mr. McQuagge remaining the top CEO where he remained until joining USHEALTH Group in 2010. During his time as president of Health Market Groups, he was awarded Sales Organization of the Year by Selling Power Magazine and Stevie Awards.

Mr.McQuagge in 2011 at USHEALTH Group led the company to see record high profit that continued for four straight years. Now the company with Mr. McQuagge as CEO has grown approximately ten times larger in its overall operation for seven years.

Along with this growth under the leadership of Troy McQuagge, the share price of the company has risen to 1093 percent since 2010. The USHEALTH Group with Troy McQuagge in charge is focused on selling insurance plans to a broad range of people with methods that are an advantage to the company and the customer.

Read more: Troy McQuagge Honored as Most Innovative CEO of the Year: Insurance in the Annual 2016 CEO World Awards

Securus Technologies Making Prison Life Safer for All

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As a corrections officer working inside the most violent jail in Arizona, above all other things I have to make certain every individual inside this facility is safe. That goes for the inmates, the officers, the prison staff, and the guests. The reason that the jail has become so dangerous is because drug use has exploded in recent years, and overcrowded conditions only add to the element of danger. To maintain some degree of order in this prison, me and my officers must make use of resources designed to prevent violent episodes from every happening.


Securus Technologies is responsible for implementing new inmate call monitoring systems in thousands of jails all over this country. The company may be based in Dallas with 1,000 employees, but has a call monitoring system in over 2,600 jails all over the country. The company has a single objective, making the world a safer place for everyone to live.


The team at Securus Technologies installed our system and got us all familiar with the LBS software, the key to monitoring the inmates as they spoke on the jail phones. Instead of my team needing to designate officers to that call center, now we could all be on the ground tightening up security while the LBS software did its thing.


It wasn’t long after we got the notification the system was online that we saw immediate results. There was an alert about an inmate talking with gang members about an order to take down a rival gang member just admitted to our jail. We separated the players so nothing took place. We were alerted when one inmate tried to tell his elderly father how to get him medication at the visitor center. We were able to confiscate those drugs before the two of them could meet.


Trade between the UK and Israel Doubled Under Ambassador Daniel Taub

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According to a statement released by the Israeli embassy, Trade between the United Kingdom and Israel doubled during Daniel Taub’s four-year tenure. Sajid Javid, the British Secretary for State Innovation, Skills, and Business, announced to a British Israeli Business Awards audience that the total trade between Israel and the UK had entered a “golden era.”

More than 300 Israeli businesses have successfully set up operations in the United Kingdom. According to Britain-Israel Chamber of Commerce, the annual bilateral trade is more than $5.5 billion.

Daniel Taub was born in the UK and later became Israeli ambassador in 2011. He once traveled to Northern Ireland accompanied by his Palestine counterpart as a peace negotiator to learn from the state of affairs there.

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At some point during his tenure, he visited Bradford city after some controversial comments made by George Galloway, Bradford West MP. In a speech, the MP declared his constituency “Israel free zone” without tourists, goods, services or academics from that country.

The Telegraph & Argus reported that Daniel Taub was in the city following invitations from the community and would use his visit to hold meetings with faith leaders, councilors, and other groups.

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is a renowned writer of British origin, international lawyer, and an Israeli diplomat. He served as Israel’s ambassador to the UK for four years between 2011 and 2015. Taub is the planning and strategy director in a Jerusalem-based foundation known as the Yad Hanadiv Foundation.

He attended the University College, London, Oxford, and later Harvard University. In 1989, Taub moved to Israel where he served in the Israel Defense Forces as a combat medic. After his Israel arrival, he served as the president’s speechwriter. In 1991, Taub joined the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Daniel Taub has extensively participated in the Palestinian-Israeli peace process where he has helped negotiate many agreements. He also took part in the Israel-Syrian negotiations.

He was appointed the Court of St James’s ambassador in 2011. Besides serving as ambassador to the United Kingdom between 2013 and 2015, Taub became the first Israel ambassador to the London-based International Maritime Organization. Taub has six children and is married to Zehava.

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