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Rocketship Education: Setting a Good Example for the Future

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According to a recent piece published on, there’s a lot of controversy surrounding Rocketship Education and a recent piece published by NPR. One of the major problems that seem to have come about is the repeated use of the term “company”. It seems that throughout much of her work the NPR writer viewed Rocketship Education as a company instead of the educational institution that it is. The term “company” has negative connotations when it is linked with the word “education”. Anyone who is familiar with Rocketship Education knows that it is a nonprofit institution that seeks to better the children under its charge. While critics continue to try and maintain a tie from the nonprofit entity to for-profit companies the supporters of Rocketship Education want to point out that other schools within these districts are never linked to such motives. It is possible that the Rocketship management staff are looking for ways to legitimately help society through quality education.

The piece is also hypercritical about the way that children’s days are divided up. It seems that the regimented daily schedule is another point where they feel as though they can attack Rocketship Education. It is no secret that to attain certain education goals children need to have some type of regimen. Children are allowed to learn in a way that is relevant to them but they are also taught the importance of a routine. The daily routine is very important to getting the children in a certain mindset as they start their school day. Parents and students have both expressed satisfaction with this type of model. It is also worth noting that this model does not differ significantly from the model that is used currently in the public-school sector. The only difference is that there are smaller class sizes and the education material is presented in different ways. The actual structure of the school and the regimented behavior is quite similar. Regardless, the work that is being done by the individuals at Rocketship Education continues to touch the lives of countless children all over the country. Their work will continue to set good examples for future educational institutions.

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The Charm of Fagali Airport and Upolu Island

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Tiny Fagali Airport is located in Apia on Upolu Island in the nation of Samoa. This very small airport opens up a large opportunity to see the beautiful offerings of the South Pacific with flights to and from Pago Pago and Savai’i. Travelers will enjoy exploring Upolu, this little island where the Fagali Airport is located. Natural wonders, wildlife, pristine beaches and markets await the adventuresome explorers.

One of the exciting excursions can be sliding down the Papaseea Sliding Rocks. This smooth slide of volcanic rock lands you in a beautiful clear swimming hole, but please be sure to do this during the seasons when the water levels are high enough. Check out on youtube for more updates.

A visit to the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum is a wonderful way to learn about the author of Treasure Island and about his life in Samoa during that period. Stevenson passed away here in 1894 and the whole country mourned. A short walk from the museum leads to his grave at the top of Mount Vaea. Here you can enjoy panoramic views of Apia.

Take a break and try out some snorkeling or swimming in the Piula Cave Pool. This pool located in the middle of college campus tends to be quietest in the morning hours. Float in this pristine pool full of water that has been filtered down through volcanic rock from the highlands. Snorkel and see the creatures that inhabit this underwater paradise.

Not far from the Fagali Airport in Apia is the fish market. Located on the waterfront, it is not to be missed. Fresh caught fish straight from the boats are unloaded every morning. Be early and get some lobsters for your dinner. The huge covered Maketi Fou market boasts traditional food, fresh fruits and local produce. Don’t forget to get your souvenirs and other handiwork from the flea market which is held in the afternoons.

This is just a taste of things to explore on this Island. The Fagali Airport is the hub to learn and experience what the South Pacific has to offer.



Matt Badiali Presents Interesting Investment Newsletters

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The news media consistently reports that millions of Americans possess little or no savings. Reports such as these should motivate persons worried about their financial future to put money away in smart investments. Not everyone knows anything about investing and financial markets. A lack of knowledge isn’t a problem though. All a motivated person needs to do is seek out sources of information. Banyan Hill Publishing produces web content and subscription-based newsletters designed to inform and intrigue those interested in financial data.

Matt Badiali serves as the editor of two newsletters released by Banyan Hill Publishing: Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits. The newsletters seek to inform readers about a multitude of different topics. Badiali has also become well known for his promotion of “Freedom Checks.” Matt Badiali received significant media attention about these checks. He has worked hard at dispelling myths surrounding them.

Freedom Checks are profit distributions from Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). Specifically, these MLPs invest heavily in U.S. domestic oil and natural gas endeavors. Under U.S. law, MLPs distribution the bulk of their profits to investors. While oil and natural gas investing isn’t for everyone, some do find the potentially lucrative “Freedom Checks” make learning more about MLPs worthy of a time investment.

Matt Badiali does more than just raise awareness about “Freedom Checks.” He has sought to educate the public on a variety of finance and investment topics. Matt Badiali can point to a long history of providing the “average investor” with educational material. He published his first newsletter in 2004. Matt Badiali hasn’t slowed down over the years. He continues to share his expertise on subjects related to natural resources and other interesting topics. Badiali’s background in geology allows him to cover specific issues from a unique perspective. The uniqueness makes for interesting newsletter reading.

Alex Pall Sees More Success for The Chainsmokers

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Since Alex Pall is half of the duo that makes up The Chainsmokers, he has good feelings about the band and the direction they’re going. He knows there are things the band will do in the future that will help them see the positive light in different situations and that’s how he plans to work to get there. No matter what Alex Pall does with the band in the future, he has many different plans to continue helping people learn about what they can do so they can reach new levels. It’s his goal that allows him to feel confident about helping people and giving them the right experiences through his music. He works hard to come up with new sounds and new options for people to enjoy different sounds. When he’s doing things right, Alex Pall feels good about the opportunities and knows what it takes to get where he wants to be.


Even though The Chainsmokers just made their way to the top, they’re already extremely successful with the opportunities they’ve created on their own. They know what it takes to reach different levels in their music career and they continue pushing to make that a possibility. It’s their goal to always give people what they’re looking for even when they’re learning about the experiences on their own. It helps them to continue showing people what they need to get out of the opportunities they have.


By the time The Chainsmokers made their debut on the top charts, they realized there was more to the way they did music than they’d ever realized before. In fact, they felt good about what they brought to the table and how hard they worked to do things the right way. For Alex Pall, this was a huge part of the business. He put in a lot of effort and always tried his best to make sure he could help others through the things they dealt with. He also felt confident in the experiences he had and that’s what led to him making the most out of the opportunities he put into practice.

A Review of the Jeunesse Youth Enhancement System

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Jeunesse is an incredible new line of skincare products that has revolutionized the way we view how we nourish and take care of our skin. The company was founded by entrepreneurs Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The duo was both actually retried, but chose to come out of retirement because they believed so strongly in the Jeunesse system. The company was founded on September 9th at 9:00 in the evening. They chose this due to the fact that the number nine has consistently represented longevity and they wanted the company to not only succeed, but to thrive as well as help others build financial independence.


The company features the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S). The system has nine steps that feature skincare, supplements and even makeup that are designed to work together to keep your skin and body well-nourished and gorgeously healthy.


The skincare line features items such as Reserve. This is a blend of powerful super fruits that feature powerful antioxidants that work together to prevent everyday damage that comes from free radicals. It also contains supplements designed to restore your skin’s health, such as FINITI. FINITI contains a wide variety of vegetable and fruit extracts that fights damage and brings skin back to its former health. The line even contains Nevo, which is a blend of real fruit juices specifically designed to provide a moderate amount of energy without containing any artificial ingredients or sweeteners. Items like Nevo showcase how the Youth Enhancement System is truly designed to treat the while body, not just serve as a simple moisturizer. Additionally, the system contains ZEN BODI. This is a supplement that helps us get fit by helping to curb appetite, build muscle and to gently burn fat without a load of caffeine or unhealthy additives.


Overall, the Youth Enhancement System is a powerful new way to look at focusing on health and beauty. Instead of one-off products, the nine items are designed to work together in harmony to treat every aspect of health and beauty. From skincare, to health, to fighting wrinkles, the line truly does it all.

Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert

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Louis Chenevert Business Career.

Louis Chenevert was born in 1958 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He went to the University of Montreal where he did a major in production management at the HEC Montreal Business School.

He, later on, got a job in St. Therese, Quebec at General Motors. Guy Hachey hired him and also made him in charge of Montreal’s general motors assembly line. After serving general motors for around 14 years, Louis Chenevert decided to change to another industry.

Another public motors employee, Karl Krapek, who like Chenevert wanted a change in sector manages to convince Louis to join the aerospace industry. In 1993 Chenevert joined Pratt and Whitney Canada (PWC) which is an aircraft engine manufacturer situated outside of Montreal.

It is a company within the more celebrated company Pratt and Whitney (P&W) whose base in the United States. Pratt and Whitney is by itself a business unit of the United Technologies Corporation. PWC was more focused on the manufacturing of smaller aircraft engines.

Chenevert later left PWC in 1996 to seek a more significant role in another company. He took a job at P&W where he was chosen to succeed the retiring executive vice president.

He achieved remarkable accomplishments such lowering manufacture costs by a tenth in just 12 months; he also contributed to the speeding up of the process to construct an engine which would then take nine months rather than the previous time of two years. In just three years, Louis Chenevert was named the president of P&W. After taking over, he made the company start making more profit again.

Since his results after being hired as executive vice president at P&W were visible, its parent company UTC came looking for his services. In the year 2006, Chenevert joined UTC as the chairman of the corporation.

UTC offered many other products such as escalators, elevators and security systems amongst others. After being in the company for less than two years, he became the CEO and the president.

Throughout his career, Louis Chenevert has served in other companies such as being a senior industry advisor in Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division. He is in the board of directors of Cargill, chairman of the Yale Cancer Center’s advisory board and also of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.

How Penelope Kokkinides Of InnovaCare Health Is Helping Hurricane Victims

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As InnovaCare Health’s chief administrative officer, overseas all of the company’s healthcare services across North America. Her latest major project has been helping the hurricane victims of Puerto Rico. Her healthcare company has done a good job of illustrating what their company stands for by how they have created medical clinics staffed with expert professionals to assist residents with their medical needs.


Puerto Ricans living on the island lived in devastation for months. They experienced water covering their roadways, homelessness, a lack of food and medicine and blackouts. Now blackouts last for a short period of time. Things seem to be coming around but still the island faces issues with its lack of medical care. InnovaCare Health has pledged to give the island’s residents medical relief both for their bodies and minds. The company has created makeshift medical clinics throughout retail shopping centers. The company has created medical mobile vehicles to go out to the forgotten about rural parts of the island. Wellness programs, education programs and exercises classes are offered from the company. Physicals and treatments and medicines for medical diagnoses are offered from the company’s host of medical professionals. Mental health professionals are also there helping people face the grim reality of what has occurred to their beloved homes. The healthcare company is on a mission to help the Puerto Rico inhabitants long term. They want to see the people get on their feet and move out of impoverished lifestyles. The company works to help people find stable housing.


Though Penelope Kokkinides is working very hard to serve the hurting residents of Puerto Rico when funding is decreased for this U.S. territory, her job even becomes even more challenging to make sure these American citizens get the aid they have rights to. Puerto Rico receives less funding than other states of the United States. Every year the amount of funding for the island continues to drop while the U.S. states’ funding continues to remain about the same. Penelope sat down with President Trump to highlight the great efforts being done in Puerto Rico. But she also wanted to place emphasis on the fact that there is so much work to be done. That work will be an impossible feat with the way funding is going for the island. After the meeting InnovaCare Health reported progress in getting more attention on the need for raising funding for Puerto Rico.


Sussex Healthcare Jobs

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Sussex Healthcare Organization
Sussex Healthcare specialized in providing nursing care to the elderly. The firm was started in 1985 with only two homes. Today, the firm has dominated the coast of the United Kingdom with over 20 old houses. Sussex Healthcare group is an internationally recognized and an Award-Winning Firm. It received international recognition when it was accredited by the International Standards Organization (ISO). Before that, Sussex Healthcare had won a local recognition by being certified by the Health Quality Services.

For more than 25 years, Sussex Healthcare has continued to provide quality healthcare to the elderly. The firm believes in the philosophy of three most fundamental aspects of human beings. They think that the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being influence the well-being of individuals. As a result, they have developed special programs that ensure the three components have been met.

Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina have been co-chairing Sussex Healthcare Organization since establishment. The two have different expertise from different fields that relate to Sussex Health Organization. Shiraz Boghani has vast knowledge and experiences in hotel management. This helps Sussex Healthcare to run their housing in the right way. On the other hand, Shafik Sachedina is a medical practitioner. His experiences assist Sussex Healthcare to meet the health standards and demands.

Sussex Healthcare recently gave an announcement on the appointment of Amanda Morgan-Taylor as their new Chief Executive Officer. They believe her 25 experiences in the field will help shape the functions of the firm. They also think she will bring ideal leadership roles.

Apart from offering quality healthcare for the elderly, Sussex Healthcare group also provides neurological disabilities, dementia or Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive issues to young elders.

Sussex Healthcare Jobs

Sussex Healthcare is a firm that believes in employee empowerment. In fact, they think that their achievements have been realized due to the employee hard work. In this way, they offer education to their employees to enable them to attain their full potential and talent.

Sussex Healthcare offers some benefits to their employees. These benefits include; Free staff bus, subsidiary meals, Pension, reduced rate accommodation, Nursing apprenticeships, and in-house training.

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Talkspace Can Help Those Addicted To Stress

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Stress is something that affects a large number of people, and it is something that can mess up lives if it is not dealt with in the right way. Stress is something that affects the body and changes the way that it works. There are some who become addicted to stress because of the sort of “high” that takes place when the body is under stress. When a person gets used to the feeling of being stressed, they might start to think that they should be feeling that all of the time. A person might set up their life in a way that will cause them more stress because they are addicted to stress and they feel like they need to always be under a lot of it.

Those who feel that they may be addicted to stress can seek out help, and Talkspace can provide the help that they need. Talkspace is a an online option for those who are looking for therapy to help them change their lives around.

Talkspace is convenient to use. Those who choose to get therapy through this option can do that without leaving home. Talkspace makes it easy for a person to switch to a new therapist if they are unhappy with the one that they had been working with, and it is a great option for those who do not feel like talking about their problems aloud. Those dealing with stress can find help through all that this program offers.

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Madison Street Capital on the Rise

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Madison Street Capital has experience, integrity, and expertise which contributes to the financial companie’s rise in reputation in the financial industry. The focus of Madison Street Capital is serving the middle market’s investment needs.


The Madison Street Capital headquarter’s are located in Chicago. Even tho headquarters are located in the United States of America, the banking firm handles investments internationally.


Madison Street Capital has main clients that include Bond Medical Group, Central Iowa Energy, as well as Fiber Science. The past has shown the companies ability to design exit strategies, structure complex contracts and also match sellers with buyers. Madison Street Capital specializes in acqusisions and mergers, tax compliance, private placement advice, corporate governance, and bankruptcy services.


Madison Street Capital operates on a global scale with offices located in Indian, Ghana, Chicago and Oregon. Each of the companies transactions are met with the analytical skills, knowledge and deep rooted relationships of the firm’s executives. There is a division within the company that focuses on wealth preservation and tax planning. Clients can find financial reporting, business valuation, asset management and price allocation all at Madison Street Capital.


Recently, DCG Software Value used Madison Street Capital as their sole financial advisor when the company merged with the Spitfire Group. DCG is a world leader in software analytics. The DCG headquarters are located in Pennsylvania. The merger is profected to enhance both company’s values. The Spitfire Groups helps businesses custom development projects, business address project management challenges, and technology architecture with its cutting edge technology.


The employees of Madison Street Capital were highly praised by both DCG as well as Spitfire Group. Both companies feel that the Madison Street Capital team was responsible for the deal being completed successfully.


Madison Street Capital received several honors at the annual M&A Advisor Awards. Corporate financing, transactions and restructuring are all ways companies are awarded by their individual achievements.


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