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William Saito Reveals His Secret to Success in Tech

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William Saito holds experience as being an entrepreneur, a Japanese political and strategy advisor, and cybersecurity specialist. Saito has held positions in the world of tech for quite some time.


At 10 years old, he got his first internship in the computer programming field. Saito began his own software company out of college, in his dorm room. The firm, which became I/O Software over time, was vital in the Japanese software market and created authentication tools like fingerprint recognition while working with Sony as well.


At 34 years old, he sold the I/O Software company to Microsoft. In 1998, William Saito was honored with Young & Ernst’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Saito’s recent volume, An Unprogrammed Life, depicts his days early on with developing his company and attempting to break through the emerging tech world, starting in the 1980s.


A Young Man in an Exciting Time for Technology

Saito was originally from Walnut, CA. That’s just a couple hours from Silicon Valley. From the time to 70s and 80s was probably one of the most enthralling for the tech field because of the advance of personal computing.


Saito wasn’t immune to this passion and his science teacher suggested that he acquire a computer to further assist his math and science talents. Despite the truth that he’s a first-generation American from a Japanese upbringing, he has difficulties learning English early on, in part because of his parents’ meager English skills.

Notwithstanding his inadequate English skills when he was young, Saito always held a mind for engineering. “I always have enjoyed taking components apart,” William Saito recounts in An Unprogrammed Life.


“I would see a device, a gadget, a new appliance in our family’s living room, and I would start imagining how it functioned.” Distinctly, Saito describes his experiences with finding out the way to break copy security, just for kicks.


“Some people like brain twisters or crossword puzzles and others like me relish getting inside of software to observe how it operates.” Saito writes that he’d been looking for ways to break the copy-protection installed in software ever since grade five.


Around the 80s when Saito was growing up, computer software was, of course, a lot less complex than it is these days. Saito took the chance with his interests in programming and software and began his own business to create security programs with some of his friends in college.

Color me fabulous, with The RealReal

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The RealReal is known for their Beautiful secondhand authentic luxury brands. There are Many establishments that sell fake luxury items, but one can rest assured that you are getting true authenticity with The RealReal. They take great pride in their authentication process and is known to be a very thorough one. They possess binders filled with specifications on thousands of luxury brands which staff members refer to when examining the authenticity of each item. They have also implemented an internal system known as the “Find the Fake” which encourages authenticators to identify counterfeit items with incentives to gain if they do so.

Their success is not only based on their strict no-phony approach, but to also their overall service. They take good care in the way they handle their inventory, from picking up the merchandise from the seller to storing them in their warehouses until it is sold. Businesses like The RealReal are changing the way people shop for luxury items. They’re more likely to purchase them if they know it can be resold in the future and possibly increase in value. Some are now looking to this process as an investment trend as some brands hold a higher resale value. Items can be bought or sold in-store, on their site, or through their app.

They have also gained a substantial following through their Instagram page, where pictures of their many brands are on display. With items such as their gorgeous brown Chloe bag with its unique shape and Balenciaga earrings with the safety pin style, its truly hard to look away once you journey down their Instagram page. Extravagant and stunning jewelry like their Cartier bracelets grab a whole of your soul and put you in a yearning trance. They have truly found the way to a woman’s heart.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Discusses Issues in Emergency Care

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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has been at the forefront of resolving the problems related to backlogs in emergency care for patients visiting hospital emergency rooms. Given that more than one-third of patients who are admitted to hospitals for urgent care are not truly suffering from a medical emergency, there has been a call to action in the medical field to address the burden on emergency rooms across the country. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has extensive experience as an emergency physician and reports that he has seen this phenomenon in action more than a hundred times over.

According to Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, the root of the problem with overburdening emergency rooms is the lack of access to primary care in almost every community. He explains that patients find themselves with no other place to turn but the hospital emergency room for issues that do not require urgent attention. This is a serious drain on the resources of those facilities and puts other patients at risk of not being able to receive the care that they urgently need. While every effort is made to address the concerns of all patients who register at a hospital emergency room, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel explains that there is a finite amount of time and resources to go around.

This problem is even more serious among low-income patients because they are more likely to see the hospital emergency room as their only option for being guaranteed access to affordable medical care in a timely fashion. Patients who do not have private medical insurance are three times more likely to visit the emergency room for a non-urgent medical condition than those who have adequate insurance coverage. Medicaid regulations make it challenging for some patients to find doctors close to their homes who are willing to accept patients on Medicaid. It is also the case that patients on Medicaid may be able to avoid having to pay for specialized services for which they would otherwise front a large co-pay by receiving those services on an urgent basis while in the emergency room.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has done a fine job of shedding light on this issue that continues to plague hospitals all over. Despite the best efforts of health care professionals, there may come a point when emergency rooms simply cannot keep up with the demand of patients who do not necessarily need urgent care. Raising awareness of this issue will hopefully garner support for additional funding of primary care facilities to alleviate the heavy burden on hospital emergency rooms. The convenience of access to care for patients in urban and rural areas alike is a critical consideration in rolling out any systemic solution to the lack of primary care options.

Rocketship Education: Setting a Good Example for the Future

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According to a recent piece published on, there’s a lot of controversy surrounding Rocketship Education and a recent piece published by NPR. One of the major problems that seem to have come about is the repeated use of the term “company”. It seems that throughout much of her work the NPR writer viewed Rocketship Education as a company instead of the educational institution that it is. The term “company” has negative connotations when it is linked with the word “education”. Anyone who is familiar with Rocketship Education knows that it is a nonprofit institution that seeks to better the children under its charge. While critics continue to try and maintain a tie from the nonprofit entity to for-profit companies the supporters of Rocketship Education want to point out that other schools within these districts are never linked to such motives. It is possible that the Rocketship management staff are looking for ways to legitimately help society through quality education.

The piece is also hypercritical about the way that children’s days are divided up. It seems that the regimented daily schedule is another point where they feel as though they can attack Rocketship Education. It is no secret that to attain certain education goals children need to have some type of regimen. Children are allowed to learn in a way that is relevant to them but they are also taught the importance of a routine. The daily routine is very important to getting the children in a certain mindset as they start their school day. Parents and students have both expressed satisfaction with this type of model. It is also worth noting that this model does not differ significantly from the model that is used currently in the public-school sector. The only difference is that there are smaller class sizes and the education material is presented in different ways. The actual structure of the school and the regimented behavior is quite similar. Regardless, the work that is being done by the individuals at Rocketship Education continues to touch the lives of countless children all over the country. Their work will continue to set good examples for future educational institutions.

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The Charm of Fagali Airport and Upolu Island

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Tiny Fagali Airport is located in Apia on Upolu Island in the nation of Samoa. This very small airport opens up a large opportunity to see the beautiful offerings of the South Pacific with flights to and from Pago Pago and Savai’i. Travelers will enjoy exploring Upolu, this little island where the Fagali Airport is located. Natural wonders, wildlife, pristine beaches and markets await the adventuresome explorers.

One of the exciting excursions can be sliding down the Papaseea Sliding Rocks. This smooth slide of volcanic rock lands you in a beautiful clear swimming hole, but please be sure to do this during the seasons when the water levels are high enough. Check out on youtube for more updates.

A visit to the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum is a wonderful way to learn about the author of Treasure Island and about his life in Samoa during that period. Stevenson passed away here in 1894 and the whole country mourned. A short walk from the museum leads to his grave at the top of Mount Vaea. Here you can enjoy panoramic views of Apia.

Take a break and try out some snorkeling or swimming in the Piula Cave Pool. This pool located in the middle of college campus tends to be quietest in the morning hours. Float in this pristine pool full of water that has been filtered down through volcanic rock from the highlands. Snorkel and see the creatures that inhabit this underwater paradise.

Not far from the Fagali Airport in Apia is the fish market. Located on the waterfront, it is not to be missed. Fresh caught fish straight from the boats are unloaded every morning. Be early and get some lobsters for your dinner. The huge covered Maketi Fou market boasts traditional food, fresh fruits and local produce. Don’t forget to get your souvenirs and other handiwork from the flea market which is held in the afternoons.

This is just a taste of things to explore on this Island. The Fagali Airport is the hub to learn and experience what the South Pacific has to offer.



Matt Badiali Presents Interesting Investment Newsletters

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The news media consistently reports that millions of Americans possess little or no savings. Reports such as these should motivate persons worried about their financial future to put money away in smart investments. Not everyone knows anything about investing and financial markets. A lack of knowledge isn’t a problem though. All a motivated person needs to do is seek out sources of information. Banyan Hill Publishing produces web content and subscription-based newsletters designed to inform and intrigue those interested in financial data.

Matt Badiali serves as the editor of two newsletters released by Banyan Hill Publishing: Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits. The newsletters seek to inform readers about a multitude of different topics. Badiali has also become well known for his promotion of “Freedom Checks.” Matt Badiali received significant media attention about these checks. He has worked hard at dispelling myths surrounding them.

Freedom Checks are profit distributions from Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). Specifically, these MLPs invest heavily in U.S. domestic oil and natural gas endeavors. Under U.S. law, MLPs distribution the bulk of their profits to investors. While oil and natural gas investing isn’t for everyone, some do find the potentially lucrative “Freedom Checks” make learning more about MLPs worthy of a time investment.

Matt Badiali does more than just raise awareness about “Freedom Checks.” He has sought to educate the public on a variety of finance and investment topics. Matt Badiali can point to a long history of providing the “average investor” with educational material. He published his first newsletter in 2004. Matt Badiali hasn’t slowed down over the years. He continues to share his expertise on subjects related to natural resources and other interesting topics. Badiali’s background in geology allows him to cover specific issues from a unique perspective. The uniqueness makes for interesting newsletter reading.

Alex Pall Sees More Success for The Chainsmokers

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Since Alex Pall is half of the duo that makes up The Chainsmokers, he has good feelings about the band and the direction they’re going. He knows there are things the band will do in the future that will help them see the positive light in different situations and that’s how he plans to work to get there. No matter what Alex Pall does with the band in the future, he has many different plans to continue helping people learn about what they can do so they can reach new levels. It’s his goal that allows him to feel confident about helping people and giving them the right experiences through his music. He works hard to come up with new sounds and new options for people to enjoy different sounds. When he’s doing things right, Alex Pall feels good about the opportunities and knows what it takes to get where he wants to be.


Even though The Chainsmokers just made their way to the top, they’re already extremely successful with the opportunities they’ve created on their own. They know what it takes to reach different levels in their music career and they continue pushing to make that a possibility. It’s their goal to always give people what they’re looking for even when they’re learning about the experiences on their own. It helps them to continue showing people what they need to get out of the opportunities they have.


By the time The Chainsmokers made their debut on the top charts, they realized there was more to the way they did music than they’d ever realized before. In fact, they felt good about what they brought to the table and how hard they worked to do things the right way. For Alex Pall, this was a huge part of the business. He put in a lot of effort and always tried his best to make sure he could help others through the things they dealt with. He also felt confident in the experiences he had and that’s what led to him making the most out of the opportunities he put into practice.