Felipe Montoro Jens an Established Entrepreneur

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Felipe Montoro Jens is a graduate from one of the best universities in Brazil- Getulio Vargas Foundation. He obtained his business skills through learning, observing and working in various companies. The skills enabled him to venture into a successful world of business. After his graduation, Jens went to further his studies in the US where […]

Fortress Investment Group Invests Heavily on Technology and Innovation to Boost their Services

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Fortress Investment Group wanted to operate efficiently than other financial industry that were spending much money in their operations which was minimizing their income. This explains why a significant number of asset managers in the industry were experiencing losses. However, incorporating technology helped the entity to operate efficiently. For example, the company could minimize the […]

Severe Criticism on Fortress Investment Group after Going Public

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Fortress Investment Group is one investment management organization whose achievements will never fade from the minds and hearts of its investors. Since the company was established in 1998, its performance’s star has remained shining brightly throughout its years of operations. This has been evident through the countless accolades and awards that the company has won […]

Graeme Holm: Avoid debt consolidation and embrace the new ideas

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Many people in Australia are facing a huge problem coping with debts. Australians are burdened by heavy financial burdens which stop them from living happy lives as well as securing their future. At the end of every month, there are huge bills to be settled, but the challenge is that their available cash is not […]

William Saito Reveals His Secret to Success in Tech

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William Saito holds experience as being an entrepreneur, a Japanese political and strategy advisor, and cybersecurity specialist. Saito has held positions in the world of tech for quite some time.   At 10 years old, he got his first internship in the computer programming field. Saito began his own software company out of college, in […]

Color me fabulous, with The RealReal

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The RealReal is known for their Beautiful secondhand authentic luxury brands. There are Many establishments that sell fake luxury items, but one can rest assured that you are getting true authenticity with The RealReal. They take great pride in their authentication process and is known to be a very thorough one. They possess binders filled […]

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Discusses Issues in Emergency Care

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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has been at the forefront of resolving the problems related to backlogs in emergency care for patients visiting hospital emergency rooms. Given that more than one-third of patients who are admitted to hospitals for urgent care are not truly suffering from a medical emergency, there has been a call to action in […]